Delaware's trade rep in Ireland

Delaware’s Trade Representative in Ireland and the UK

Declan Barry, of HMC Global is the State’s trade representative in Ireland and the UK. Declan has over a decade of experience in international business development across Europe, Asia and North America, working in diverse sectors such as fintech, medtech, legal services and cyber security.

Declan currently serves as Senior Principal and Commercial Director at HMC Global. Under his strategic direction, more than 5000 jobs were attracted into Northern Ireland and more than £300m in export sales were secured for Northern Ireland companies between 2008 and 2015.

He holds a degree in International Marketing as well as a Master’s degree in Executive Leadership from Ulster University, and a leadership degree from the Global Leadership Institute at Boston College.


“I’m delighted to have the opportunity to work with some great companies in Delaware. I am confident that they will grow their business in Ireland, and have a great time doing it! Ádh mór (good luck) to all involved!”


Why Ireland?

There has never been a better time to export to Ireland. The country’s economy has been the fastest-growing in Europe in recent years, and it is still growing – the Bank of Ireland projects 4.8 percent growth over the fiscal year in this island nation of 4.8 million people.

Ireland has a well-developed global culture and economy, and its companies are open to international partnerships, collaborations, and import/export opportunities.

The U.S. is currently Ireland’s largest single exporter. In 2015, U.S. exports to Ireland exceeded $8.9 billion (€7.9 billion) and included chemicals and pharmaceuticals, computers and electronic products, aircraft and transportation equipment, medical devices and electrical equipment.

The U.S. Embassy in Dublin works closely with local partners, including the American Chamber of Commerce, Irish Exporters Association, Irish government agencies and national and local business associations, to advance the U.S.-Irish economic relationship and forge joint prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic.

To read the full report from HMC Global on Ireland’s business climate, click here.


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