Ken Yang: Delaware’s Trade Representative In South Korea


Delaware’s Trade Representative in South Korea is Ken Yang, the President of KBSI. As a market and business development service firm based in Seoul, South Korea, KBSI, assists overseas and domestic clients, both public and private, in promoting their products and services to Korea and abroad by providing trade and economic development, market research, financial and investment advisory, public relations and communications, social media marketing, trade show and trade mission organization, and education services.

Ken is a trade expert with extensive knowledge in business development, market research, marketing and investment advisory services for private and public businesses.

Ken graduated with an MBA in International Business from Sogang Graduate School of Business Administration, Korea, and has over two decades of experience in economic development and investment, international marketing and public relations and communications.


Why South Korea?

U.S. exports to Korea totaled $44.5 billion in 2014, making up 8.6 percent of all Korean imports. Korea is the United States’ seventh-largest export market.

The Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA), which entered into effect in 2012, is the United States’ largest free trade agreement since NAFTA. With 80 percent of U.S. industrial goods exported to the country tariff-free, American officials expect exports to expand to $52-52 billion annually within the next several years.

To learn more about South Korea and the business culture there, check out this presentation from KBSI.

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