Delaware’s Trade Representative Office in Canada

Delaware businesses interested in doing business in Canada have a partner in-country to help them find new customers, distributors or perform market research to identity new business opportunities.

Ludovic Ortuno is Delaware’s trade representative in Canada, and has represented the State since 2014. He is the founder and co-owner of CIDEP, a specialized market research firm that supports companies entering new markets and expedites the foreign direct investment attraction process.

Ludovic Ortuno is a seasoned international trade and development professional in the Montreal, Canada area.  A native of France, Ludovic attended the University of Montreal and went on to work with the manufacturing group Bourgeat-Matfer, where he developed an expertise in transaction costs related to international trade.

Ludovic has more than ten years of experience working with premier international trade and development agencies, which has given him an extensive understanding of launching new products in Canada and other markets. He is fluent in English, French and Spanish.


Why Canada?

Bilateral investment and trade between Canada and the United States reaches $1 trillion annually. Canada’s geographic proximity and business culture make the nation the largest export market for the US. The Canadian workforce has the highest college and trade school graduates per capita out of all OECD nations.

Canada has the largest growth in GDP of the G-7 countries, and is ranked the most favorable country to do business with of the G-20. The World Economic Forum consistently recognizes Canada’s financial system among the soundest in the world. The IMF predicts its GDP will grow consistently at 2 percent annually through 2020.

To read CIDEP’s full country report, click here.

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