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Export Delaware has engaged foreign trade representatives to help Delaware businesses find partners overseas. Our trade representatives have been carefully selected to serve Delaware’s small business exporters. They have real world experience in the industries that many Delaware businesses operate, specifically bioscience, health and medical devices, environmental management and specialized manufacturing. Many of the reps are engineers, and are business owners themselves!


You can partner with one of the trade reps to explore opportunities in select foreign markets. Currently, we have representative offices in Australia, Canada, Colombia, Germany, the UK, Mexico, the Middle East, South East Asia and South Korea. The trade representatives and their teams in-country specialize in exploratory market research, where they look at your products and services and explore potential customers, distributors or partners in the foreign market that would be a good fit for your business. They vet these potential partners and perform initial outreach to facilitate matchmaking. If your business is participating in an International Business Trip with Export Delaware, the trade reps will work with you one-on-one to set up in-person meetings with the appropriate contacts. Often, the representatives participate in these meetings so they can assist with any cultural barriers and provide assistance as needed.


To connect with one of our reps, please contact Export Delaware.


Meet the Team




Ludovic Ortuno
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Ludovic Ortuno of CIDEP is based in the Montreal, Canada area. With more than ten years experience working with premier international trade and development agencies, he has an extensive understanding of launching new products in Canada and other markets. He is fluent in English, French and Spanish.




Markus Wellmann
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Markus Wellmann is the Senior Consultant & Project Manager at PM&P. The firm consults with companies worldwide on developing and implementing strategic business development efforts internationally.


Sebastian Hass
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Sebastian Hass is a Partner and marketing consulting at PM&P. PM&P has a long-standing track record in the field of business development. The firm supports companies worldwide to implement strategies with lead generation, PR and online marketing.



South America


Miguel de Regil
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Miguel brings more than four decades of international trade experience and extensive knowledge of consumer and industrial markets throughout Latin America. His extensive network makes him the ideal resource to identify opportunities and provide support in the region.


South Korea


Ken Yang
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Ken is a trade expert with extensive knowledge in business development, market research, marketing and investment advisory services for private and public businesses.


Southeast Asia


Sarath Menon
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For twenty years, Sarath has been supporting government trade promotion agencies and companies from around the world to increase their exports to Southeast Asia.


Middle East


Sherwin Pomerantz
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Sherwin Pomerantz, EDI’s founder and current president, holds an MBA from Northwestern University and has previously served in several top-level management positions, including vice president of Luz Industries Israel Ltd. Sherwin is currently Chair of the American State Offices Association (ASOA) of Israel, and is a founder of the Visit USA Association of Israel.


Seth Vogelman
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Seth Vogelman is the Director of Trade at the State of Delaware’s Middle East Regional Office, where he directs regional trade activities and gathers relevant market information for Delaware. He manages a regional marketing system for promoting American exports in Israel, Turkey, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, North Africa, the Arabian Gulf, Pakistan and Egypt. In addition, Seth publishes The Fortnightly, the company’s bi-weekly newsletter on economic and business development.





Declan Barry
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Declan has over a decade of experience in international business development across Europe, Asia and North America, working in diverse sectors such as fintech, medtech, legal services and cyber security.


Australia and New Zealand


Angela Foley
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Angela has supported international trade efforts of businesses in Australia for over 15 years. As the founder and managing director of Foley & Associates Pty Ltd, she provides market research, market entry strategies, competitor analysis, and support for business trips to Australia and New Zealand.​


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