Trip to Thailand and the Philippines

Opportunities for Delaware Small Businesses in Thailand and the Philippines

The trade markets of Thailand and the Philippines have a lot of opportunities for Delaware small businesses. We’ve just returned from a trip there with four Delaware companies.¬†Our participants agreed this was one of our most successful trips. In fact, two companies returned with RFQs and have already sold $125,000. This is unheard of, as export sales typically take an average of 2-5 years, depending on the product! Southeast Asia was ready for us!


Here is a quick recap of all that took place:

  • 2 countries visited
  • 6 flights per person
  • 45 meetings between all four companies
  • 9 new distributors/partners identified
  • $908,000 in new export sales are projected to come in over the next 18 months

We could not be more thrilled with the trip’s outcome. It makes flying halfway around the world worth it. If you are interested in participating in a business trip with the State of Delaware, check out our travel calendar here and apply to join us by completing a Compass Grant application.


Pictures from trip to Thailand and the Philippines 2024

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