International Women's Month Export Delaware

Celebrating International Women this Month

Welcome to a month dedicated to honoring the incredible achievements, resilience, and impact of women around the globe. As we embark on Women’s History Month, it is an opportunity to celebrate the remarkable strides women have made in various fields and a moment to spotlight their significant contributions to international business development. This month, we will delve into the inspiring stories, challenges overcome, and the pivotal role women play in shaping the landscape of global commerce. Join us in acknowledging the power of women in business and their vital role in fostering a more inclusive and prosperous international community.


Export Delaware is dedicated to supporting women and helping them grow their Delaware small businesses. In our tenure, we have worked with many Delaware companies, of which 50% are minority-owned and 25% are women-owned enterprises. Here are some stories of how we’ve partnered with several women in international business development to help them break barriers, expand their sales, and grow jobs in Delaware. 


Stephanie in China round



Forging Cross-Cultural Relationships as a Woman in STEM
Stephanie Rosenberg, Advanced Materials Technologies 



Sandra Burton at the golf show



Being Fearless in the Global Marketplace
Sandra Burton, PondHawk® by LINNE Industries



Aqua Science International Womens Day


“Networking” the Catalyst of Growth for this Female Founder
Iwona Evans, Aqua Science

Iwona Evans was destined to become a global businesswoman. When she set out to launch the company, she had the vision to export and grow internationally because that’s where the demand is. Yet shortly after opening her company in February 2020, the global pandemic challenged her plans. “We had to become creative and focus on building relationships with customers and distributors,” says Evans. Networking played a major role in helping them make their first connections.



Halosil International Womens Day Export Delaware

Relevant Meetings and Logistics Support Made this Business Trip a Success
Maryalice StClair, Halosil International 

Maryalice StClair started to work with Export Delaware to explore areas of growth for Halosil International around the world. They identified the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region as growth markets. In 2021, StClair begin exploring partnerships and laying the groundwork to launch their brand there. She had never traveled to Dubai before. Of course, the prospect of traveling to this lavish nation was exciting; however, she had some concerns. “Beth Pomper and the Export Delaware team really prepared me very well for the trip.”



Ellisa Habbart, International Womens Day Export Delaware

International Focus a Key for This Women-Owned Business
Ellisa Habbart, The Delaware Counsel Group LLC 

When you can work with people from different countries, you learn from them, and it will broaden your horizons. The world is small, and you never know where an introduction may lead. “Sooner or later, someone’s going to need your business,” says Ellisa Habbart. “By engaging with Export Delaware, you have the opportunity to be introduced to potential customers so that when they are ready to buy, they’ll know they can turn to you and your business.”




About Export Delaware

Export Delaware is an initiative of the Delaware Department of State. We are the official export resource for Delaware’s small businesses. If you are a new exporter, or want to explore new markets, we can help you get started.

Export Delaware assists Delaware companies that seek to export their products and services. Our experienced staff provides on-site guidance to businesses that are looking to explore export opportunities or to expand their current export activities to new markets.

Some of the most successful exporters are innovative small- and medium-sized businesses (which account for 98 percent of U.S. exporters). Businesses that export have faster-growing sales, create more jobs and are less likely to go out of business than non-exporting establishments.

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