Business Trip to Jamaica and the Dominican Republic

Beyond the Beach, The Caribbean Offers Many Business Opportunities

Would you like to travel to the Caribbean in February? Consider joining us on a business trip to develop new customers there to grow your business in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

This is not a vacation. These trips are designed to help you make the right contacts overseas and achieve new international sales! When you participate in a business trip with the State of Delaware, our team will arrange business meetings with distributors, agents, or customers according to your needs — all specific to your company.


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Funded in part through a Grant with the U.S. Small Business Administration.



Why Jamaica?

Jamaica’s strategic location in the heart of the Caribbean makes this nation a favorable export destination for US small businesses. Access to shipping lanes and well-developed transportation infrastructure facilitate the moment of goods throughout the Caribbean.

According to the ITA, Jamaica and the US have a strong commercial and cultural affinity. The stable democracy and large English-speaking market reduce barriers for US small businesses to enter and succeed long-term in the Jamaican market.

Leading sectors of growth include manufacturing, chemicals, tourism, and agriculture.


Why the Dominican Republic?

The DR is the largest market in the Caribbean region that is open for commercial trade. There is promising market potential for US small businesses looking to expand their customer base.

Tarrif advantages provide a favorable business climate for US-based companies. According to the ITA, since 2016, over 97% of the goods entering the country (from CAFTA-DR countries) have entered the DR with no tariff.

Growth sectors include financial services, ITC, renewable energy, and safety and security equipment.


Trip Itinerary

  • Feb. 3/4: Arrival in Santo Domingo, DR
  • Feb. 5-6: Business meetings in Santo Domingo
  • Feb. 7: Transfer to Kingston, Jamaica
  • Feb. 8-9: Business meetings in Jamaica
  • Feb. 10: Return to the US


This Trip Includes

  • One-on-one meetings arranged for you with potential distributors or customers
  • Private car/driver to take you to all your business meetings
  • Professional Spanish interpreter, if needed, to accompany you on meetings in the Dominican Republic
  • Note, a passport with at least six months of validity following the dates of the travel is required.


Cost and Funding Assistance

Businesses are responsible for their own air, hotel, meals, and incidental expenses. Funds are available to assist with travel costs.



To qualify to participate in the trip, your business must meet the size requirements of the SBA (listed here), and the goods or services your organization that you will promote on this trip must be of US origin OR have at least 51% US content.

In addition, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Operate in Delaware at a Delaware street address
  • Be in business longer than one year
  • Have an export plan
  • Be determined export-ready by Export Delaware



If you are interested in participating, email The official application will be forthcoming.

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